Cumberland Trail Creek Crossing

Awesome Socks for the Outdoors

Are you looking for socks to wear during your outdoor activities? Do your toes get cold while you are riding? […]

Chest Frost Review

Chester Frost Review

Sometimes, you just get this impulse to go camping with no prior preparation. It is hard to find a last-minute […]

Ultralight or Ultrafast

30 Minute Organization Sprint – How Much Can I Get Done?

I have a confession to make. I am a complete gearhead when it comes to any interest in my life. […]

Lookout Creek Kayaking Trip

Lookout Creek Kayaking Trip

The kayak had her maiden voyage Saturday on the Lookout Creek kayaking trip. The horse was a bit jealous, but […]

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Labor Day weekend started with a day hike and ended with the much anticipated┬áNickajack Lake kayak outing. I was blissfully […]