We are outdoor enthusiasts who love ultralight gear. Though the main focus here is equestrian camping, we also enjoy backpacking, day hikes, paddling, kayak camping, and car camping, so you will see frequent articles on these disciplines.

If you are looking to lighten your gear load, you’ve come to the right place. Reducing any kind of pack weight is a never-ending process. Lighter weight gear is beneficial in any outdoor situation, even for those that car camp or take living quarters horse trailers to horse shows. You do not have to be an “ultralighter” to profit from this site; everyone is welcome.

Ultralight Gear

Emerging technology brings some of the lightest weight gear to market for campers of all walks of life, but the horse industry is stuck in the old heavyweight ways. It is time we speak up for lighter gear.

You can begin to reduce your gear load in the following ways:

  • Weigh your current gear
  • Replace aging gear with a lighter version
  • Gradually make changes
  • Find items to eliminate

If you have a specific topic you want covered, send us a message.


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