Cumberland Trail Creek Crossing

Awesome Socks for the Outdoors

Are you looking for socks to wear during your outdoor activities? Do your toes get cold while you are riding? […]

Ultralight or Ultrafast

30 Minute Organization Sprint – How Much Can I Get Done?

I have a confession to make. I am a complete gearhead when it comes to any interest in my life. […]

Lookout Creek Kayaking Trip

Lookout Creek Kayaking Trip

The kayak had her maiden voyage Saturday on the Lookout Creek kayaking trip. The horse was a bit jealous, but […]

Kaku Wahoo

Kaku Wahoo – It is Finally Here!

After two years of internet research, visiting kayak shops, and renting different kayak models, my new Kaku Wahoo is finally […]

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Labor Day weekend started with a day hike and ended with the much anticipated┬áNickajack Lake kayak outing. I was blissfully […]

Nido Powdered Milk

Need Dairy on the Trail? Nido Milk Review

Nido powdered milk tastes just like milk out of the bottle. This is not the powdered milk of your youth.

Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie

I want good food, but I cannot carry a refrigerator

One issue that prevents people from getting out into nature is the lack of refrigeration. There is no electricity in […]