Thermacell Bug Repellent Review

Bug Repellent Review – Thermacell

With today being the autumnal equinox, mosquitoes should disappear for the season…but they are not. I camped last weekend and […]

Ultralight Cook Kit

Ultralight Horse Camping Goal

You achieve the ultralight horse camping goal through a process, not an event. Don’t feel like you are a failure […]

post storm disaster victims

Disaster Victims Can Learn from Campers

I would like to extend my deepest┬ásympathy┬áto those who are suffering from the latest hurricanes and wildfires. May this pass […]

Camp Kitchen Fozzils Dishes

Fozzils Dishes for the Camp Kitchen Review

One of my favorite rooms in my house is the kitchen. When I car camp or if there is a […]

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Nickajack Lake Kayak Outing

Labor Day weekend started with a day hike and ended with the much anticipated┬áNickajack Lake kayak outing. I was blissfully […]

Storm Over Florida Barn

Hurricane Preparedness for the Horse Owner

Hurricane preparedness is not an event that happens in the week before a hurricane; it is an ongoing and long-term […]

Katadyn BeFree Filter

Katadyn BeFree Review

One of the heaviest things we tend to carry in our pack, whether it is a backpack or saddlebags, is […]

Nido Powdered Milk

Need Dairy on the Trail? Nido Milk Review

Nido powdered milk tastes just like milk out of the bottle. This is not the powdered milk of your youth.

Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie

I want good food, but I cannot carry a refrigerator

One issue that prevents people from getting out into nature is the lack of refrigeration. There is no electricity in […]