Piney Creek Falls

Sometimes I just want to get away…last minute…with no plans. I don’t even know which activity I want for the weekend; just that it involves camping. I prefer to keep my equipment as light as possible. But times like these, I have to ask myself if ultralight is the way to go.

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Ultralight or Ultrafast?

Without knowing if I am taking the horse trailer or if there will be a place to hang a hammock, I need to use a different sleep system. I need to know I have a place to sleep and get in out of the weather wherever I land. Because this is a fast trip, I do not want to carry ”The Tent Mahal“. It is also likely to rain on this particular weekend and the thought of setting up or taking down a 12-person tent in a downpour is unappealing, at best. Even if I had a backpacking tent, I do not want to fool with it in the rain for these impromptu plans. I need a fast shelter and sleep system.

Sequoia to the Rescue

I decided to see if one of my cots would fit in the back of my SUV. It also needed to be safe enough to drive with it already set up. I took out the back seats, folded down the middle seat, and used a yoga block to make sure the front legs were equal height to the back.

Cot in the SequoiaIt fit perfectly and I secured the legs to my front seat with cam straps. Even with the middle seat under the foot of the cot, there is still plenty of storage under the head. After relocating the tools and muck boots, I laid down some memory foam mats over the connection points for my seats.

I still have no intention of bringing refrigeration and such, but since I am car camping, I may throw my tarp and some poles in there and make myself a little awning to sit under. I’ll bring the hammock, in case there are trees.

This setup provides a very fast way to get to the fun part of camping and there won’t be a lengthy tear down at the end. Perfect for a fast weekend getaway. Is it ultralight? It is for car camping and easier than RV setup.

Ultralight or Ultrafast

I think I may leave the truck like this for the rest of camping season. You never know when the mood may strike and, believe me, it strikes frequently.


This setup is convenient if I bring a second person horse camping. I could sleep in the hammock inside the trailer and the Sequoia would be the guest room. I am super happy this configuration has multiple uses.