Kaku Wahoo

After two years of internet research, visiting kayak shops, and renting different kayak models, my new Kaku Wahoo is finally here! (And I am not one to normally use many exclamation points.) I am over the top happy and cannot wait to get this out on the water.

I am not receiving any money from Kaku Kayaks or Frontier Outdoors for this article; nor did I receive any free products. This is my own personal experience, with my own personal boat, that I paid for with my money.

Why Kaku Wahoo?

I was looking for a kayak with a lot of room for storage because I intend to use it to camp. I wanted a sit-on-top kayak so that I could step on and off when necessary. After researching and watching tons of videos, the fishing kayaks and hybrids seemed to have the most to offer, even if I don’t fish.

One of my favorite YouTubers, SailingandSuch, was super happy with his Kaku Kahuna. I researched the Kaku company and really liked Kevin Hawkins’ passion for kayak design. He made his blueprints to fit an actual user’s needs. The big decision was…which Kaku model?

I was considering the Kahuna and trying to decide if I should hold out a month or two for the Voodoo. It really came down to the nuts and bolts of how I was going to use it. I focused on storage and a boat that would track well. I am a paddler and not a fisherman, so something that could haul my gear through the water would fit the bill. Let’s be honest now; I have vertigo and probably should not spend a lot of time doing a stand up paddle. So, I decided on the 12.5 Kaku Wahoo instead of one of the SUP hybrids.

Where to Get a Kaku Wahoo?

Warehouse at Frontier OutdoorsKaku is not commonly found in every kayak shop around the corner, so I located dealers in my state on Kaku’s website. I found Frontier Outdoors about an hour and a half away, but waited until I was closer to their area before heading over. I was actually on a trip to the grocery store to buy fruit juice for a rural family member when I did a side trip to look at a kayak. I went shopping for juice – surprise! Look what followed me home.

I am glad I went to Frontier. The staff there are knowledgeable, helpful, and so pleasant. I was greeted by their beautiful mascot, a white cat.

They have a good selection, therefore I was able to try a number of kayaks that I have never been able to rent before. The put up with me sticking my head in hatches with a flashlight, standing on kayaks in the parking lot, and wrinkling my nose in distaste at anything pink.

Finally, we had a winner and it was time to unwrap it and put it on the roof racks.

Getting the New Kayak Prepped for Hauling

Unwrapping the Wahoo

Where are the Photos on the Water?

I bought the kayak late on Sunday afternoon and, as I mentioned, I was on a run to the grocery store. You have no idea how hard it was to pass the Clinch River and Shanty Branch and not put it in the water. I could feel the kayak vibrating on top of my truck to go for a spin. Well…maybe it was really just the tie downs whistling in the wind, but I had to resist a real urge to get it wet for the first time.

I have already found an outing for this weekend, so I promise, there are photos coming. For now, here is her photo in front of the mountains.

Kaku Wahoo Almost Home