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One issue that prevents people from getting out into nature is the lack of refrigeration. There is no electricity in the back country and often none in front country campsites. Then comes the secondary issue of heavy canned and packaged foods that do not need refrigeration. There is a good solution: freeze-dried food.

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Freeze-dried Foods

Freeze-dried foods are lightweight, require no refrigeration, and are more nutritious than many of the standard camp food selections. There are a large variety of choices, including ready-made meals, bulk items, dairy products, meats, and vegetarian and vegan items.

Freeze-dried foods rehydrate well. I was so shocked to find that I could add 2 tsp of water to 2 TB of butter powder and get real butter…actual delicious, creamy butter. Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy taste better than Cracker Barrel’s version. It only requires boiling water and can often be reconstituted in a freezer bag. Hot food with no dishes to wash sounds like a win/win to me.

I use bulk foods to recreate some of the recipes I make at home and they are equally delicious. You can store freeze-dried foods unopened for up to 25 years. They are great to have on hand in the event you lose electricity at home.

Try a few selections at home to decide what you like before you depend on it as your only source of food for your outing. If you do not like your first choice, try another because they are not all created equal. I tried one major backpacker meal brand that I hated.

If you have a favorite freeze-dried food, leave it in the comments below. I love to try new items.

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